Multi-function ovens with Miele AirFry function

by | May 6, 2024 | Home appliances

Ovens with the Miele AirFry function are an excellent alternative for those looking to reduce the use of oils and fats in the kitchen without sacrificing the flavor and texture of food. This feature uses a hot air circulation system that cooks food evenly and quickly, mimicking the results of traditional frying but with much less oil. As well as being a healthier option, ovens with the AirFry function allow not only air-frying, but also baking, roasting and gratin.

Benefits of cooking with the Miele AirFry function

One of the most significant attractions of Miele’s AirFry function is its ability to cook food with up to 80% less fat. You will be able to maintain a low-calorie diet without giving up the pleasure of crispy and golden meals.

In addition, unlike traditional fryers, the AirFry function allows you to prepare large quantities of food without the need to add extra oil. Fan Plus technology ensures that hot air circulates evenly and cooks food evenly and healthily. From French fries to spring rolls, Miele AirFry ovens can do it all. The Crisp function adds extra by removing moisture, ensuring surprisingly crispy results. In addition, the Gourmet tray allows you to cook everything from appetizers to desserts, keeping everything crispy and delicious.


Innovative features

Fan Plus technology
This technology is key to effectively distributing hot air, ensuring even browning without overcooked or underdone areas. Ideal for lovers of perfection in every bite.

Crisp function
Turning on the Crisp function is like having a chef at home who makes sure that every dish comes out with the perfect texture. It’s ideal for those who enjoy crunchy food without the guilt of extra calories.

Gourmet tray
This tray is not only perfect for snacks and quick meals, but also opens up a range of possibilities for baking breads, pizzas and cakes with a professional and crispy finish.

Clean with PerfectClean

Thanks to the PerfectClean coating, cleaning becomes a simple task. This unique finish makes it easy to remove debris without scrubbing, keeping the trays looking like new after each use.

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